The Ashburn Group

The Ashburn Group focuses on the design and synthesis of novel agents for the treatment of neglected diseases.

Located on the newest university campus in Hawai’i, the University of Hawai’i West O’ahu, group members receive hands-on training to create, identify, and evaluate new molecules. One visit to our incredible James Campbell Library, new Health Science labs, or brand new Creative Media building and you will see what treasure exists for our Leeward O’ahu community!

Ashburn Group members regularly present their research at regional and national scientific conferences and build a powerful portfolio of professional development. Beyond learning the tools of modern synthetic organic chemistry, students receive close mentorship in academic success, graduate and professional school admissions, and career insights.

If you are considering joining the UH West O’ahu ohana, or are already part of Team WestisBest majoring in one of the university’s new Bachelor of Science degrees, Dr. Ashburn welcomes you to gain a new set of eyes exploring the world of organic chemistry. #ochem4ewa #getashburned